What is GEO Express?
GEO Express is a new payment method for P2P trading on the OKX exchange, resulting from the direct integration of payments with GEO Pay, and is exclusively available to users trading in Ukrainian hryvnias.
Advantages of using GEO Express
  • 1
    Increased conversion
    Makers can drive more traffic to their buy ads for GEO Express with featured ads, resulting in higher views and more transactions.
  • 2
    By automatically directing OKX users to the GEO Pay payment site, they will not need to switch between platforms.
  • 3
    Automated checks of (1) the payment amount and (2) the counterparty's GEO identifier for maximum transaction protection.
  • 4
    After verification of the payment, the cryptocurrency will be immediately released to the user's main OKX account, which optimizes the order execution process.
  • 5
    Continuous availability
    Sellers no longer need to be online to manually execute orders with automated cryptocurrency issuance after confirming payment checks from buyers.