How to top up balance on GEO Pay using Peer2U Pay
In order to replenish the balance on GEO Pay using Peer2U Pay, you need:
  1. Create or log in to your GEO Pay account, pass verification
  2. In the settings, add the card from which payment will be made - Settings tab - Wallets and Cards
  3. Enter the name, card number and select the issuing bank - click on the add button. Please note that the card details are used to identify payments, not to debit funds.
  4. In the replenishment tab, select the Peer2U Pay replenishment method, enter the replenishment amount and select the added card
  5. Agree to the terms and click the Top up button
  6. Make a one payment to the specified card - copy the card number to which you want to pay - open the bank app and send the funds to the copied card
  7. In the GEO Pay payment window, confirm the payment with one payment and click on the Paid button
  8. Congratulations, the funds will arrive within 5-30 minutes

Pay attention!
In the event that you clicked the "Pay" button and did not make a transfer, restrictions may be imposed on your account. Be vigilant.

The payment method may be available/unavailable during the day. If it's not there at the moment, check the possibility in a while