Important rules regarding transactions with UAHg. How to avoid asset losses
Ensuring the protection and security of your assets is our top priority. Therefore, to safely use the UAHg fiat token, please follow the following important guidelines:

  • Use only the GEO Pay service, our partner services Kanga, Alice-bob, Trustee, as well as Metamask and other web3 wallets.
  • To carry out operations and exchange UAHg on the above services, it is necessary to use only the following networks: TRON network, Ethereum network and BNB Smart Chain. Make sure you have selected the correct network before performing any operations.
ATTENTION: If you are sending the UAHg asset from geo to another address, make sure that the address supports the UAHg asset, within the same network. DO NOT send BNB, USDT, or other assets to UAHg on these networks, and DO NOT send UAHg to BNB, USDT, or other addresses. Be especially careful when exchanging assets between different networks to avoid possible losses.
Partner services
We recommend conducting transactions with UAHg on the following partner services

Secure networks

Use the following networks for secure transactions with UAHg
TRON network
BNB Smart Chain
Ethereum network
We inform you that in case of forwarding UAHg to third-party services or using other networks, there is a risk of loss of assets. Be careful and follow our recommendations for your safety and to ensure successful transactions with UAHg.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

Sincerely, The GEO Pay Team.